Connealy Guinness

Reg #17031279

Guinness does what he does very well. They are heavily muscled cattle on a little smaller mature frame. They keep and maintain their flesh in marginal feed conditions, and breed back on time. The replacement females are very good. We have retained many females and are calving the first ones out now. They are great looking cows.


Koupal Advance 28

Reg #17314326

The Advance progeny come without assistance and have good vigor. They grow into bulls and females you are proud to have on the ranch. In our herd they have performed beyond expectations. They are wide from front to back and really put on the pounds with feed in front of them.


Gaffney Game Time 370

Reg #17805943

Game Time is an outcross to most everything in our herd. We introduced him to infuse the genetic excellence of his prolific dam RB Lady Standard 305-890. His progeny come early and easy. They get up and are sucking in minutes. We used him on many first calf heifers with excellent results.


Sitz Final Statement 8624

Reg #17793836

8624…known to us as EASY OUT.......8624 is a fantastic heifer bull. They come easy and really get up and go. This is very impressive as the Final Statments are competing against some of the best AI bulls in the industry.


HA Cowboy Up 5405

Reg #18286467

Our Cowboy Up calves are as advertised. They are high growth performance cattle that really turn feed into flesh. They are wide butted bulls with large scotums. The heifers are wedge shaped and we feel they will make great cows. We Will have many more sons for sale in years to come.


KCC Cast Iron 4601

Reg #17882225

4601 was the standout calf of his crop. He ratioed 111 at weaning and 107 at yearling. His dam is a fabulous donor cow recording 9 @ 100 for BW, 9 @ 105 for WW and 8 @ 105 for YW. 4601 transmits extra length and performance to his calves.. 4601 is a low BW bull and can be used on heifers. Some of our growthiest bulls and females are 4601's. They really push the scales down.


Musgrave Big Sky

Reg #17614813

Big Sky cattle are just the kid our commercial customers will love. They are high performance red meat cattle in a moderate framed structurally sound package. They come without assistance and grow quickly. The females are extra fancy, deep ribbed and soft made. They are going to be excellent brood cows.


Bruns Thunderbolt 963

Reg #17680550

Thunderbolt has done great things in our herd. The bulls have explosive growth and above average muscle. They are virile and masculine. The daughters are as good as we have. Use Thunderbolt to put added substance into your cowherd.